Document Digitization

Nowadays, the trend favors a transition from paper to electronic documents. Electronic documents have many advantages such as speed of access, the possibility of simultaneous use by several users, and the extension of the life of the document. We offer scanning services for all types of documents, and for various needs.

Data Storage

Many companies continue to rely on isolated and/or obsolete systems (paper records, inadequate information systems, etc.) to save a significant amount of data. We offer storage services for all data types. In countries where Internet connections are relatively slow , data are stored in local data centers, and we can deliver your data requests on offline media such as DVD , Blu- Ray, etc. Our goal is simple: to provide affordable and private storage solutions.

Cloud Storage

We offer an Online Electronic Archives Service, giving you access to your documents 24/7. You can view them no matter where you are, provided you have an internet connection. This service creates many possibilities for customized access, for example to facilitate repetitive operations from operational departments such as management, sales, human resources, accounting, etc.


Through the use of predictive analysis, we help our clients with their chief goal: to better serve their customers. We help to anticipate customers’ behavior through smarter and faster decision-making, resulting in lower costs, lower risk, and reduced uncertainty. To achieve our mission, we explore the data using statistical methods and data modeling.


We develop mathematical models based on the unique needs of our clients. Using analytics, we can determine the values of the system's operating parameters. This in turn is fed into a model, with the goal of making prediction about future events. Our belief is that only a unified approach, combining deterministic and random events, can lead to models that more accurately represent your business.

Custom Software Solutions

We offer customized software solutions. An on-site interview with one of our representatives permits us to determine and diagnose your needs, and business challenges to overcome; understand the subtleties and details that define the unique nature of your business. If necessary, we will pursue an internship with your company, at no extra cost to you. If your processes can be automated and made more efficient, we will make recommendations before designing and implementing software to meet your needs.