Akili Software & Analytics Consulting, LLC was formed with a single goal in mind: To level the playing-field, and make analytics and data modeling accessible to small businesses, educational institutions, and public agencies.

The proliferation of data in all fields of human activity has created opportunities to improve decision-making in businesses, management of resources for organizations and governments, through ever more precise predictive and diagnostic tools.

Banks and other financial services use customers records to assess risks in their investments, and to extend loans and lines of credit. Economists use data for their projections of GDP growth. Marketing firms mine internet users behaviors to tailor their advertisements, while technology companies use them to refine their products and track customers. Digital data are also of interest to governments as it helps them manage and allocate resources. Healthcare professionals use electronic records for diagnostics and in drug development. Seismologists use geological recordings and signals to predict earthquakes, and time of aftershocks. These examples are only a few that show the benefits gained from analyzing historical data to prepare and/or deal with future events.

Analytics requires experienced data scientists that are knowledgeable about data mining and modeling. However, it is projected that a shortage of such professionals will become more evident in the next few years, with more than 140,000 needed in the USA alone, and millions more globally.

We base our success on our services, that we make available to those who do not have the same resources as large organizations or businesses. We are able to do so while maintaining an efficient and quality service:

  1. We offer fully private data storage solutions that keep our clients in control of their data. Our subscriptions are more competitive than Dropbox or Box. Although some larger companies offer storage capacities at much lower rates than we do, the caveat is that they analyze the data they host to improve their own capabilities. In other words, your data makes them richer.
  2. We use open-source software such as R (for analytics), Python (for modeling), and MySQL (for database management).
  3. Our philosophy is one of mutual accountability and independent work. Our data scientists are PhD holders and experienced consultants  that routinely communicate and share ideas to deliver you the best service and meet our deadline.